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HDFC Bank Personal Loan

HDFC Personal Loan

Personal loans, as the name suggest, are sought when there are term requirements for personal consumption. These are generally short term loans which are secured in lieu of a future paycheck. Click here to get the best personal loan options from HDFC Bank.

HDFC Personal Loan Overview

HDFC, being one of the most premier banking institutions of the country, has always kept the consumer’s interest foremost in drafting personal loan products for them. Competitive interest rates, a vast segment of products suiting every requirement and budget as well as convenient, quick disposal of loans for your personal requirements. Whether it is asset building or needs fulfillment, personal loans from HDFC are your best bet to fulfill them instantly.

PNL acts as a catalyst for you to get access to HDFC personal loans in a jiffy. From getting your papers in place to suggesting inputs for building a speedy disposal case for you, experienced personnel at PNL get your personal loan delivered at your doorsteps, literally.  A quick HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility check will inform you about your interest rates and the amount eligibility for you.
Let us know through the query forms above or call us at +91 2593-2593 to know more about the various HDFC loans available for your personal consumption.

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  1. What do you do with my personal data?
    PNL used this personal data to scrape and pull out the best loan deals for you. Never are these details shared with any third party. We only use this data for our internal brainstorming to come up with even better solutions and products for your loan requirements.

  2. I just had a word with your folks. They said that you require my Credit History. What is that??
    Credit History is nothing but your past records in terms of your loans, credit card bills etc. Whether these bills were paid on time and your loan EMIs have been paid off timely is what the Credit History is all about. A central body called Credit Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL) keeps track of all your past loan records and allots you a score which is used by banks while they evaluate the merit of your case. Make sure all your obligations get fulfilled on time because this impacts your CIBIL Score.

  3. What are your costs for facilitating the loan I get here?
    Zero. Naada. Zilch. There are still free lunches in the world.

  4. Suppose I have to purchase a flat which costs me INR 50 Lakhs. Would the bank loan me the entire amount?
    We wish this could be the case, but no. Banks fund upto 80% of the market value and where market value and sale deed value differ, banks consider that too. Sometimes, banks also fund 120-130% of the sale deed value or the lower figure out of the sale deed value vs. the market value.

  5. Is a sanction plan required for me to be eligible for a home loan?
    Yes. Banks only fund those properties whose sanction plans have been given a go-ahead by the local municipality body. Make sure you have a concrete answer to this question by your builder in terms of a written go-ahead from the municipality. In case he dilly dallies, make sure that you ask him directly to show the gazetted sanction papers.

  6. Can I wrap up my loan earlier than decided? For example my loan term ends in March 2015 and I want to wrap this by August 2014. Can I do that?
    This phenomenon is termed prepayment. There are certain loans which have no prepayment penalty but if your loan does not explicitly mention this, you might want to confirm whether your particular loan would have a prepayment penalty charge to it. If you still wish to go ahead with a prepayment penalty, make sure that your prepayment penalty is less than the interest you would have paid, in the regular course of action. lenders.

  7. What are interest rates on loans in India, in general?
    Anywhere between 10-15% . Personal loans generally have interest rates on the higher end of the spectrum, say somewhere close to 14.75-15%. Home loans and car loans have a lesser interest rate, in the low range of 10.5-11%.

  8. I possess only a Power of Attorney. Can a bank provide me loan against that property for which I have a Power of Attorney?
    No. Banks require a clear set of documents (either a gift deed or a sale deed) to consider you as legitimate owners.


Some of the key reasons you should look for your deal with PNL

  1. Bankers head it:  The team at PNL comprises of former bankers who have excelled in their fields. For instance, Tejinder Singh who heads the retail vertical at PNL has earlier won numerous awards and accolades, first at Barclays and then at Kotak Mahindra. The team at PNL knows the entire gamut of loans available and comprise of some of the best people to guide you in your preferred mortgage loans.
  2. The widest range of options available: PNL offers it’s consumers the widest option net available when it comes to selecting your preferred home loans.  Banking Institutions like ICICI, HDFC, Kotak-Mahindra as well as Non Banking Financial Institutions like Bajaj Capital are all partners in this endeavor of ours so as to provide our consumers with all segments of mortgage loans.
  3. Every day lowest interest rates: We are only as good as our loan deals are. To look good ourselves, we have managed to consistently pull down interest rates for our consumers so that they can choose their loan deal as per their situation. No more would high interest rates be a deterrent for you.
  4. The most exhaustive loan deal calculator: Our deal calculators are primed to be the most exhaustive calculators you can come across. With a wide range of banks and rates available, we display a gamut of results for you to choose your mortgage loans in Bangalore from.
  5. Quickest Turn Around Time: Apply for your loan and get quotes in 60 seconds and less. After you apply, our customer service will get back to you in 10 minutes and less.
  6. Your contact details will never be shared:  Your personal details will never be shared with a third party. Period.

Disclaimer: We do not sell or exchange the data of our visitors anywhere. This portal is meant to provide the best deals possible on loans and properties. We would love your suggestions and feedback on any improvements desired in the portal or addition of new services. Please let us know your thoughts by filling in the feedback section on the left of the page.

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