Reverse Mortgages

One of my specialties and areas of focus is helping clients over 62 (who qualify with sufficient equity) to stay in their home and enjoy a much better lifestyle by taking advantage of the equity in their home paying as little, even zero amount on the loan. This Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) also known as a reverse mortgage is a government guaranteed program to assure you can live in your home as long as you desire without any payments.

Not having to make payments (except your taxes and insurance) frees up cash, along with potentially being able to pull out cash as well as get a line of credit. This will allow you to retire if desired as well as having the lifestyle you only dreamed of, traveling or without family, helping children/grandchildren while you can enjoy watching them benefit from your generosity, all without having to pay a penny back. It's your equity/money. Why not enjoy it?

Sounds too good to be true? Give me a call at (949)842-9616 to explain further and see if you qualify. Definitely worth a phone call.

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  • Working at one of the top 100 Reverse Mortgage brokerages in the country with over 11 years experience with this new and exciting government guaranteed "lifestyle" mortgage that gives you access to your equity (money) with no repayment required.

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